CCTV System

CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a TV system in which signals are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes.

We use CCTV cameras, network video recording software, video analytics and video management systems to provide the highest level of security for your property and business.

Access Control System

Access Control System or Biometric System not just secure the access but also integrating it with HR database can help you to create a biometric attendance system where you can track the attendance of an employee, their working hours, their lunch time and the area accessed by them.

We use new techniques to track employee activity in a company.

Door Automation System

Door Automation Systems is popular in US & European countries. Expensive manpower was the main reason for invention of Door & Gate Automation products. Security & Surveillance, easy of operation, faster & automatic movements have made it popular. Automatic Door, Gates, Windows etc. widely used all over the world & fast catching us in developing countries like India also.

We are the best door automation system provider in all over Bihar and Jharkhand.

Fire Protection System

Evogene Security  is working hard to make this world a safer place for you.


Through the usage of world-class brands, we provide innovative new technology based fire safety and electronic security solutions that protect people, property, and assets.

Fire as a threat to security is one of the deepest concern for any industry.

Security Guards Services

Evogene Security is an emerging company with highly experienced specialists in manned guarding services. We provide manned guarding services for a whole cross section of clients from multinational corporations to hotels, corporate houses, residences, embassies, special events, educational institutions, industrial establishments, multinational companies, ATMs  etc. 

Security Consulting Services

Evogene Security is master in security consulting services with its vast experience in total security solutions. Our highly qualified and experienced security consultants mostly from army and investigation agencies are here to help you out in building a highly secured infra.


 At Evogene, we aim to help our customers in designing a safe and secure environment.


Just Dial to Us, We are There to Help You.